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Top secret activities are a vital to the successful outcome of modern warfare. In 1921, MI5 commissioned a detailed review of its First World War operations. Bestselling writer and historian Nigel West’s MI5 in the Great War is a version of that top-secret history, edited and brought up to date. Taylor Downing’s Secret Warriors delves into previously unexplored primary sources in order to reveal the unknown side of The Great War, profiling a number of the key figures who made great leaps in science for the benefit of 20th Century Britain.

Nigel West is the pen name of Rupert Allason, an author specialising in security, intelligence, secret service and espionage issues.

Taylor Downing is a television producer and writer. He was educated at Cambridge University and went on to become Managing Director and Head of History at Flashback Television, an independent production company. His most recent books include Spies in the Sky, Churchill’s War Lab, Cold War (with Sir Jeremy Isaacs) and Night Raid.

Paula Kitching is an historian, writer and educational consultant with historical specialisms in war, genocides and cultural history. She has written for educational publications, books, museums and websites, and is a speaker and lecturer for young people and adult education. She is also an experienced battlefield and heritage guide.

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