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In the three short weeks between the EU referendum on 23 June and Theresa May’s entrance to Downing Street on 13 July, Brexit morphed into a murderous monster, swallowing David Cameron and George Osborne whole. Michael Gove stabbed fellow Brexiteer, Boris Johnson, squarely in the back, while Jeremy Corbyn was deserted by more than twenty Shadow Cabinet members. Even Nigel Farage, the only party leader to emerge victorious from the referendum, resigned the UKIP leadership.

The nation was left divided between europhiles and eurosceptics. Calls for Scotland and London to secede from the UK followed soon after and a petition demanding a second referendum garnering over four million signatures. Like Donald Trump’s victory in the United States, Brexit shook the system to its very core.

How did Brexit turn into this weapon of mass political destruction?

Tonight, Harry Mount, Oldie editor and author of Summer Madness – How Brexit Split the Tories, Destroyed Labour and Divided the Country, and Joy Lo Dico discuss the events following the EU referendum. They’ll explore the plots, power struggles and personal feuds behind the scenes, providing a fascinating insight into the biggest political shake-up of the century.

Harry will sign copies of his book after the talk. And there’ll be Hendrick’s gin & tonics for everyone.

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About the panel

Harry Mount is editor of the Oldie Magazine. Previously, he was a leader writer and New York correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. He writes for the Telegraph, the Mail, the Sunday Times, the Spectator and Literary Review. His new book is Summer Madness – How Brexit Split the Tories, Destroyed Labour and Divided the Country, published by Biteback. He is also the author of the top ten bestseller Amo, Amas, Amat and All That, Odyssey – Ancient Greece in the Footsteps of Odysseus and How England Made the English.

Joy Lo Dico is editor of Londoner’s Diary, the sketchbook of London high life in the Evening Standard. She writes broadly across the newspaper, including on Brexit and US politics. Joy is also founder of The Trouble Club, a roaming women-led club with high-profile speakers and a mission to shake things up and drink whisky sours. And when not doing either of those, she can be found stomping around Voltaire’s Wood, a semi-ancient woodland which she owns in Gloucestershire, admiring the beech trees and being idle.

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Getting there St Stephen’s Church Hall, Talbot Road, W2 5QT

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