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Ziauddin Sardar, Harry Leslie Smith and Alan Dix

Sing & Louder Sing: Men, Ageing and Mortality


Sing & Louder Sing is 509 Arts’ new music-theatre production planned for Autumn 2016 about older men, ageing and mortality, using voices from many different backgrounds. Men’s experiences of change – physical, emotional and attitudinal, as they move through their seventh, eighth and ninth decades – will be at the heart of Sing & Louder Sing, particularly in the face of longer lifespans and the pressing question of what to do with those extra twenty years.

Join the creative team, including director Alan Dix and award-winning scriptwriter Mike Kenny, in a presentation of work in progress using music, projection and spoken word. This will be followed by a conversation with further special guests, including broadcaster and author Ziauddin Sardar, and writer and nonagenarian WWII RAF veteran Harry Leslie Smith, who will share their own experiences of confronting ageing and looking forward. These conversations will be recorded for use in the final version of the theatre piece, itself built on men’s oral testimony.

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