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Islam has been corrupted. A virulent strain of the religion manifests itself in bloodthirsty mutations such as Boko Haram in Nigeria and the terrifying spectre of ISIS. But behind the atrocities and turmoil lie many different versions and visions of Islam, each struggling to survive in a rapidly changing world.

Ziauddin Sardar, with inimitable wit and intelligence, chronicles the diversity and richness of Islam and, in doing so, answers a host of frequently asked questions:

• Is Islam inherently violent and misogynistic?

• Why do young men and women choose to join the jihadi caliphate?

• What part should Muhammad’s teachings play in our own times?

Islam Beyond the Violent Jihadis argues for a pluralistic and reflective religion with a distinguished past – but one that appears to have been wrenched from its noble origins by rigid fundamentalism. In examining how we have nourished the rise of Islamic jihadi groups, Sardar urges us all to work together.

Provocations is a groundbreaking new series of short polemics composed by some of the most intriguing voices in contemporary culture. Never less than sharp, intelligent and controversial Provocations is a major new contribution to some of the most vital discussions in society today.


“An ambitious new series that tackles the controversy of the topics explored with a mixture of intelligence and forthright argument from some excellent writers.”

The Observer

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