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Ziauddin Sardar

‘Is There an Islam Beyond the Mad Max Jihadis?’ & Other Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask

Writer, broadcaster and cultural critic Ziauddin Sardar is chair of the Muslim Institute and is as frightened by the rise of Islamic Jihadi groups as everyone else. His new book ‘Islam Beyond the Mad Max Jihadis’ tackles the big question for those who feel the same way: what can we do about it?

Sardar makes a passionate case for new interpretation of Islam far removed from the contemporary narrative of fundamentalism. Join him to explore the questions he poses in his book – questions many of us might admit to having. Is Islam inherently violent and misogynistic? Why do young men and women go to join the Jihadi Caliphate? Does Islam need a reformation? Should we be frightened of Sharia? What part do Muhammad’s teachings play, or ought they to play, in our own times?

Sardar believes we must all work together to preserve the sanity of our world. Open, fearless dialogue at events such as this one could well be a good place to start.

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Getting there Bradford College, Great Horton Road, Bradford, BD71AY

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