• FEB 05

    In Conversation with Asa Bennett

    • 5 Feb 2020
    • Lansons

    Join us for a morning of insight from Asa Bennett, one of Westminster’s leading political commentators, as he discusses his experiences, including the highs-and-lows, of working through the recent General Election; his viewpoint on the new Government, how it will govern, what restrictions it is under, and how its policies could be stymied by a buoyed...

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  • FEB 20

    Jack Straw In Conversation

    • 20 Feb 2020
    • Faversham Literary Festival

    In 2001 Jack Straw became the first senior British Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since the 1979 revolution and has developed a growing interest in the country ever since. His book sheds new light on Britain’s difficult relationship with Iran and explores the culture, psychology and history of this fascinating country. He will discuss the consequences...

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  • MAR 05

    Kenny MacAskill with Topping Books

    • 5 Mar 2020
    • Greenside Church

    The Political Martyrs memorial in Edinburgh looms large on the city’s skyline but its history is relatively unknown – and that is not by accident. As Edinburgh’s New Town was constructed, a narrative of kilts and loyalty was created for Scotland, with its radical history deliberately excluded. The French Revolution lit a spark in Scotland, inspiring radicals...

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  • MAR 12

    Anthony Seldon at Words by the Water

    • 12 Mar 2020
    • Main House

    Theresa May had the clearest, yet toughest, agenda of any Prime Minister since the Second World War: delivering Brexit. What followed defies belief or historical precedent. Drawing on a comprehensive series of interviews with May’s closest aides and allies Downing Street’s official historian, Anthony Seldon, decodes the enigma of the Prime Minister’s...

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  • MAR 28

    Kenny MacAskill MP and Maggie Craig at Aye Write!

    • 28 Mar 2020
    • Mitchell Library

    The French Revolution lit a spark in Scotland, inspiring radicals and working people, uniting them in opposition to the King. Leading radicals like Thomas Muir were transported to Botany Bay. But the radicals fought back and formed the United Scotsmen, seeking widespread political reform. MP Kenny MacAskill’s Radical Scotland meticulously details this...

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  • MAY 09

    In Conversation with Geoffrey Robertson

    • 9 May 2020
    • Chipping Camden Literary Festival

    World-renowned human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson discusses his two books, Who Owns History? and Rather His Own Man, at the Chipping Camden Literary Festival.

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