• APR 27

    Hexham Literary Festival: Nigel Fletcher

    • 27 Apr 2024

    History is written by the winners, they say. And more often than not, it is written about them too. A library’s worth of books have been published chronicling the UK’s Prime Ministers – those individuals who somehow made it to the top of the greasy pole of politics, however short or undistinguished their tenure. But what about those who failed to make it?...

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  • APR 28

    Hexham Literary Festival: Linda McDougall

    • 28 Apr 2024

    Over a decade before Margaret Thatcher swept to power, another woman was running Britain from 10 Downing Street: Marcia Williams was the first ever female political adviser to a Prime Minister and was said to have a powerful grip on her boss. Historians have described the relationship between Marcia and Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson as one...

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  • MAY 02

    Hexham Literary Festival: Liam Fox

    • 2 May 2024

    Following Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine, the world is suddenly gripped by concerns over energy security. And yet, there is an even greater threat ahead – one that is even more likely to shape the events of the twenty-first century than the competition for oil or gas. The combination of an ever-increasing global population, climate change, industrialisation...

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  • MAY 05

    Hexham Literary Festival: Alex Grant

    • 5 May 2024

    In September 1962, John Vassall, a clerk at the Admiralty in London, was unmasked as a Soviet spy. After being photographed in compromising positions while working at the British embassy in Moscow, Vassall was blackmailed into handing British defence secrets over to his Soviet handlers for seven years. While there have been several successful books...

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  • MAY 10

    Lewes Speakers Festival: Denis MacShane

    • 10 May 2024

    Tom Baldwin in conversation with Denis MacShane What to expect from Keir Starmer and his government. A conversation between two authors: one who has spent his career writing and communicating about politics and the other who was former Europe Minister under Blair. They base their discussion on two books. The first is by Tom Baldwin. It...

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  • MAY 18

    Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature: Vernon Bogdanor

    • 18 May 2024

    Vernon Bogdanor – The Strange Survival of Liberal Britain: Politics and Power before the First World War. Britain’s best-known constitutional historian, Professor Vernon Bogdanor, says the 20 turbulent years before the outbreak of the First World War, heralded a new agenda that still dominates today. The years saw a transition from aristocratic rule...

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  • MAY 23

    Hay Festival: Chris Skidmore

    • 23 May 2024

    Net-Zero: A Future Worth Resigning Over Thursday 23 May 2024, 8.30pm – Wye Stage Few are better placed to discuss how the UK can meet its climate and biodiversity obligations than Chris Skidmore, the former Energy Minister who resigned as an MP in protest at the government’s plans to expand oil and gas production in the North Sea. Skidmore, who was...

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  • JUN 04

    The Oldie Literary Lunch: Liz Truss

    • 4 Jun 2024

    The Oldie Literary Lunch on 4th June 2024 - Geoffrey Wheatcroft, Liz Truss and Gill Johnson

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  • JUN 11

    The Oldie Literary Lunch: Linda McDougall

    • 11 Jun 2024

    Charity Oldie Literary Lunch in aid of the Salisbury Samaritans on 11th June 2024 - Katie Hickman, Linda McDougall and Reverend Richard Coles

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  • JUL 18

    Buxton Literary Festival: Geoffrey Robertson

    • 18 Jul 2024

    The next Buxton International Festival will take place on 4-21 July 2024.

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