Tis the New Year, and with it comes a whole new roster of books! We’re incredibly excited to be sharing some of this year’s upcoming releases with you: whether you like Bond, big animals or bellicose politicians, you’ll be sure to find something you like.

When you've finished taking a look at our excellent sale, let’s take a look at what’s coming down the track.

Trump and the Puritans

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is currently the President of the United States. But how did he get there?

That’s where authors Martyn Whittock and James Roberts come in. Together, they dissect America’s evangelical legacy, from the descendants of the Mayflower all the way to the super churches endorsing Trump for 2020. A fascinating- and relevant- read, it’s definitely a book that will make the commute fly by!

Out 14th January 2020.




Ian Fleming: A Memoir

If you are one of the aforementioned Bond enthusiasts, then start your year off with a bang as we look at the man behind the golden gun: Ian Fleming himself. Written by his longtime friend and wartime colleague Robert Harling, the book dives into Fleming’s past and discusses his charm, creativity and charisma- but also his dark side. It’s an extraordinary memoir by one of the people who knew him best, and it’s out now!

Out 30th January 2020.




The Frog with Self-Cleaning Feet and The Shark that Walks on Land

For everybody who has ever loved watching David Attenborough’s documentaries (which, to be honest, is all of us), this is the next best thing. Seasoned nature writer and veteran of the BBC’s Natural History Unit Michael Bright brings us two books about the wonders of the natural world. These books discuss the weird and wonderful things that animals do both above and below the shoreline: find out how animals tell the time, and discover the truth behind the mysterious kraken…

Out 16th January 2020. And do take a look at Michael Bright's festive Q&A with us below!