Iain Dale, MD of Biteback Publishing, has acquired world rights to Something for the Weekend: Life in the Chemsex Underworld by former soldier James Wharton.

When James Wharton left the army, he found himself with more opportunities than most to begin a successful civilian life. He had a husband, two dogs, two cars, a nice house in the countryside and a publishing deal.

A year later, he found himself single, living in a small room and trying to adjust to single gay life back in the capital. In his search for new friends and potential lovers, he was sucked into London’s gay drug culture, soon becoming addicted to partying and the phenomenon known as chemsex.

Exploring his own journey through this popular, dark world, James looks at the motivating factors that led him to the culture, as well as examining the paths taken by others. He reveals the real goings on at the weekends for thousands of people after most have gone to bed, and describes how modern technology allows people to arrange, congregate, furnish themselves with ‘chems’ and spend hours, sometimes days, behind closed curtains, with strangers and in states of heightened sexual desire.

In the fiftieth year since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, this book reveals contemporary life in London for a great number of gay and bisexual men. It reveals how, although equality legislation has progressed, the gay community itself is factious and made up of many identities that don’t always feel a part of the bigger picture.

Something for the Weekend champions the work of sexual health organisations and drug charities who help people addicted to chemsex, and explores the disturbing side of London’s gay drug culture and its sometimes devastating consequences.

Iain Dale said: ‘I’m delighted to be publishing James’s new book, especially after the enormous success of his debut, Out in the Army, which Biteback published a couple of years ago. His new book is an important story that needs to be told and will surprise many!’

Something for the Weekend will be published in July 2017 and supported by a major publicity campaign.

For more information please contact james.stephens@bitebackpublishing.com or call 020 7091 1260