Published to mark the first anniversary of Brexit, two prominent political and social commentators lambast the political figures who have betrayed the European cause.

Guilty Men, published in 1940, was the great polemical bestseller of the mid-twentieth century.

It was written under the pseudonym ‘Cato’, and so secret were the identities of the eminent authors that they were even able to review the book themselves without being discovered. The best known of the three writers was Michael Foot, the future Labour leader.

The 1940 edition pointed the finger of blame at fifteen ‘guilty’ men who had failed to prepare Britain for the inevitable war with Germany.

The authors of this new, entirely original book also hide behind a pseudonym: ‘Cato the Younger’, the great-grandson of Cato, who equally warned of the consequences of foolish decisions by the leaders of Rome.  This new Guilty Men points the finger at twenty men and women whose self-interest and lack of imagination have sabotaged the vision of a harmonious Europe of nations, which it argues was the main lesson to come out of the two catastrophic World Wars of the last century.

The book is to be published on the first anniversary of the referendum in Britain, on 23 June 2017, the result of which has, more than any other single event, precipitated the break-up of the European ideal.

Guilty Men concludes that only by working together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual understanding can we avoid the perils of the retreat into the nationalistic and racial barbarism that scarred Europe in the past and led to the desperate state of affairs that ‘Cato’ condemned in 1940.

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