For several weeks now our screens, radios and papers have been littered with discussion of the 'Greece crisis'. Will Greece exit the euro? Can Germany agree to any of the proposed new terms for a bail-out? What will happen next? How would a 'Grexit' affect you? To assist in understanding of the crisis, we're offering readers the chance to buy Greekonomics, by top economist Vicky Pryce, for just £2.99 today. 

Greekonomics: The Euro Crisis and Why Politicians Don't Get It
By Vicky Pryce

PB RRP: £9.99  Our Price: £4.99
eBook RRP: £6.99 Our Price: £2.99

Greekonomics explores the history of the eurozone, lays bare the causes of the crisis and suggests a way out of the current mess. Read the introduction

Reviews for Greekonomics:

"Shatteringly comprehensive." Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times

"An interesting and accessible polemic." The Guardian 

"There is no doubt that Greekonomics is a good read. It has intellectual depth and insider perspective... There are even flashes of humour." The Independent

"She offers three persuasive, if reconcilable, conclusions unless Germay pays much more: that a Greek exit from the euro is too dangerous; that Green cannot repay its debts; and that a diet of perpetual austerity risks killing the patient." The Economist

"The future of the euro matters hugely to everyone in Europe, whether we are in or out of the single currency. I am delighted that Vicky Pryce has produced this book on the economic and political issue of the moment." Peter Mandelson