Shirley Williams at the book launch of Making the Difference

  • October 12, 2010 11:49
  • Katy Scholes

Last night Biteback had the pleasure of hosting the launch party for Making the Difference: Essay's in honour of Shirley Williams where Shirley Williams and Andrew Duff, MEP and editor of the book, could be found cheerfully signing copies.

Andrew Duff spoke about the book and its contributors before handing over to Shirley who gave a wonderful speech about some of the topics covered in it. Making the Difference is a collection of essays by her peers, contemporaries and protegés on the themes and issues she has campaigned on during the course of her inspirational career in politics.

Among other things, she paid reference to Germaine Greer's chapter 'Women in Parliament' noting that greater attention was paid during the general election campaign to the women on the arms of the party leaders rather than the women in politics themselves. A point few can refute. She also had many gracious things to say about her contempories who had contributed and many of whom were in attendance.

To get your copy of Making the Difference for £19.99 click here.


Total Politics and Weber Shandwick bring you The Class of 2010!

  • October 11, 2010 12:45
  • Katy Scholes

The Class of 2010 is an invaluable guide to all 232 new MPs who have entered Parliament following the 2010 general election. The book is arranged alphabetically by MP's surname; each entry contains a potted biography (including details of life before Parliament, both political and non-political), a constituency profile with details of majority and swing in the 2010 poll, notable quotes from and about the MP, and contact details.

Whatever you need to know about the new intake, The Class of 2010 is your first port of call.

Available now from the Biteback website priced £50.00 here.


COMING SOON: Two new insider accounts on the formation of the coalition government

  • October 08, 2010 15:57
  • Katy Scholes

Two remarkable and important insider accounts of the negotiations that led to the birth of the coalition.

The Liberal Democrats’ and Conservatives’ decision to form a coalition government has changed the face of British politics. These two books set out the inside story of how this momentous event unfolded, and how – together – the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have started to address the challenge of a massive government budget deficit.

22 Days in May is the first detailed Liberal Democrat insider account of the negotiations which led to the formation of the Lib Dem/Conservative coalition government in May 2010, along with an essential description of the early days of the government. David Laws MP was one of the key Lib Dems who negotiated the coalition deal, and the book includes his in-depth, behind the scenes, account of the talks with the Conservative and Labour teams after the general election, as well as the debates within his own party about how the Lib Dems should respond to the challenges and threats of a hung parliament.

5 Days To Power gives an account of the negotiations that led to the political earthquake of a Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government from the viewpoint of Conservative Party insiders. With unique access to participants in and around the drama, Rob Wilson MP looks at the key relationships, arguments and secret meetings, and reveals how and when the key decisions were made by the parties. This book provides compelling insight and substantial new information and material into a ruthless competition for power that developed over a five day period in May.

David Laws is the Lib Dem MP for Yeovil. He was briefly Chief Secretary to the Treasury in David Cameron’s coalition government. He is co-editor of the influential The Orange Book (2004) and Britain after Blair (2006). Rob Wilson is the Conservative MP for Reading East. He is a former Conservative Party whip and Shadow Minister for Higher Education and is currently PPS to Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt MP.

22 Days in May and 5 Days to Power are published on the 15th November but available to pre-order from the Biteback website now, both priced £9.99.


Biteback books in political podcast special

  • October 07, 2010 17:17
  • Katy Scholes

Guardian Books Podcast: Political books special with Polly Toynbee and Will Hutton.

In the midst of party conference season last Saturday's edition of the Guardian Books Podcast reviewed the current role of political literature. The discussion covers the success of Which Way's Up? by Nick Boles and What did the Baby Boomers ever do for us? by Francis Beckett - who is a guest pannelist in the studio - and identifies Biteback as a key new player in the field of political publishing!


Lord Ashcroft's Minority Verdict impresses delegates in Birmingham

  • October 07, 2010 15:33
  • Katy Scholes

"One of the most interesting books about the last election." - David Grossman

On Monday night, as part of their coverage from the Conservative Conference in Birmingham, Newsnight, discussed the reasons behind the Tories' failure to win an overall majority in the 2010 elections.

The programme's Political Correspondent David Grossman drew on observations made by Lord Ashcroft in his latest book Minority Verdict:The Conservative Party, the voters and the 2010 election.

"The key to the result lies in the gap between the change people wanted and the change they thought we were offering. Going into the election, voters had little clear idea of what the Conservatives stood for or what we intended to do in government... At the same time, Labour's scaremongering about our intentions still resonated among too many floating voters who were not convinced we had really changed." - Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft's Minority Verdict is available now priced £10.00