Nigel Lawson in Conversation

  • October 27, 2010 17:51
  • Katy Scholes

I could sit here and tell you all about the excellent event with Nigel Lawson that took place last night but why would I do that when someone else already has?

Cue Grant Tucker, executive assistant to Iain Dale (aka big cheese). Grant has reviewed the event here and has included some great anecdotes.

Just to warn those of varying political tastes, Grant is a hilariously unashamed Tory and possibly one of the most idiosyncratic comments is this:

"As you know the rest is history. There was a miners’ strike and Britain won."

You can buy a copy of Nigel Lawson's fully updated Memoirs here, priced £14.99


Introducing Dialogue! (again)

  • October 26, 2010 15:18
  • Katy Scholes

This morning I received the news that we had been announced. Biteback is to be Dialogue in the States - as I've mentioned before - but now it's official. Publishers Weekly says so.

To avoid confusion we've been registered with the domain name which then leads you here. That's right, here. It may say Biteback everywhere but there's nothing we can do about that so we can only hope that our intrigued US customers can figure out that this isn't some twisted game but that we just can't be tarred with the Bite Back brush. It's a negative brush you see. And we're a positive political publisher. Insofar as we absolutely and positively publish political books.

Our US distributor is Consortium an arm of Pegusus - the largest book distributor in the States. We were announced alongside five other of their new publishers, one of which is a Canadian publisher of - among other things - pornography. Incidentally, our lead title in Spring/Summer 2011 in the States is Inside the Pakistan Army - politically speaking, of course.


My boss, his boss and larger than average cheese

  • October 25, 2010 14:54
  • Katy Scholes

Biteback author (and investor) Lord Ashcroft is clearly going for some sort of publishing record. We published his excellent report on the last election, Minority Report in mid September, but early next month he is bringing out a new book called George Cross Heroes, which he wrote about in the Daily Telegraph recently.

Two books in two months. If only all authors were so prolific.

Lord A has a longstanding interest in military medals, having built up a massive collection of Victoria Crosses over the years. His Victoria Cross Heroes book became quite a bestseller.

And as if that wasn’t enough, on November 12th, the Imperial War Museum opens the Ashcroft Gallery which will house his collection of VCs, and put it on view for the first time.

Well worth a visit, and as the Imperial War Museum is a brisk 5 minute walk from our office on Albert Embankment, I might well pop along myself one lunchtime and check it out.

Sadly it’s only my big cheese boss Mr Dale who will be attending the launch. But I’m sure he will remember the little people when filling his doggie bag. Or not.

Buy your copy of Minoriy Report, published by Biteback, here for £10.


Inside account on deception leading to Iraq war

  • October 22, 2010 16:45
  • Katy Scholes

Brian Jones’ Failing Intelligence received a terrific review in the autumn edition of The Spokesman , the journal of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, which features independent articles on peace and nuclear disarmament, human rights & civil liberties, and contemporary politics.

The review by Tony Simpson - editor of The Spokesman - praises the author for speaking out against the tactics used by the Blair/Bush collaboration to deceive their legislatures and their electorates into believing that it were a real possibility Iraqi WMD could strike the West within 45 minutes.

“Brian Jones has given us an extraordinarily important book, written by an insider who retained integrity whilst his superiors, and most of the politicians, compromised theirs... we celebrate the publication of Failing Intelligence, which is a genuine blow for freedom.”

This is the first book on Iraq by a British intelligence official involved in the process that led to Britain taking part in the 2003 invasion. As the former head of the UK Defence Intelligence Staff’s nuclear, biological and chemical section, Brian Jones is ideally placed to pronounce upon the way in which Britain was taken to war and the way in which the intelligence reporting on Iraq’s WMD was manipulated to justify Saddam Hussein’s removal from power.

Failing Intelligence is available now priced £9.99 from Biteback


Ex British Intelligence Officer talks MI6 with Russia Today

  • October 22, 2010 15:03
  • Katy Scholes

“Sensational... a fascinating book.” – Aleksandr Gurnov – Russia Today

Author Michael Smith talks to Aleksandr Gurnov from Russia Today about the intriguing revelations that can be found in his book, SIX: A History of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service.

This first part of a two-part series covers the history of the British Secret service from 1909 up until the eve of the Second World War from the perspective of former British Army Intelligence Officer, Michael Smith.

In his interview for Russia Today, Smith tells of the difficulties he faced in information gathering for the book and discusses the fascinating account it gives of the Secret Intelligence Service’s involvement in events; including the assassination of Rasputin and previously untold work against Nazi Germany ahead of the Second World War. The second part will tell the story from the outbreak of World War Two to the present, showing the development of the agency into the model for the world’s spies during the Cold War, and detailing the work of MI6 in Afghanistan and Iraq today.

SIX: A History of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service is available now from the Biteback site priced £19.99