Onwards and Upwards!

  • September 14, 2010 11:19
  • Katy Scholes

Hi All,

Exciting times lie ahead. We’ve just moved to our new offices and vacated our quite lovely home on Kennington Lane. Gone are the days of staring out at commuters as they abandon their vehicles in the middle of the road to scream at a hapless bus driver, no longer will we be tickled by the vision of inebriants peeing on the doorstep of MI6 London Station, and never again will we be privy to the intimate secrets thrust into the public domain in roadside domestic disputes. I for one will miss it.

Now all we have is a stunning view of Parliament. Rubbish.

So, for us, it’s onwards and upwards as we creep ever closer to Westminster and ever further from ground level. There is a point to all this, of course; here’s our new address:

Biteback Publishing
3 Albert Embankment
SE1 7SP (Sausage Potatoes)

Don’t hesitate to pop by and see us, we’re not letting the altitude go to our heads (hence my mentioning it more than once). But if you do, can you ensure you yell at us incoherently, anything – just like old times...


"Together Forever?" Nick Boles on the Daily Politics

  • September 14, 2010 09:28
  • Katy Scholes

Nick Boles also featured on the Daily Politics yesterday to discuss, with Norman Lamb, the topic of his new book - the future of the coalition government and the possibility of an electoral pact between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

You can watch the feature on BBC iPlayer, here (about 7 minutes into the programme).

Which Way's Up? , Nick Boles' new book, is available from the Biteback website.


Nick Boles calls for a ten-year coalition pact on the Today programme

  • September 13, 2010 16:29
  • Katy Scholes

Nick Boles, author of Which Way's Up?, featured on the BBC's Today programme this morning.

He discussed how David Cameron and Nick Clegg should bind their parties into an electoral pact by the end of the year and warns that unless the two parties form a ten year-programme for the government, MPs will look to "bolt" from the coalition when they are faced with the electoral consequences of its "harsh but necessary measures". To listen to Nick on the programme, click here.

Which Way's Up? is available to buy from the Biteback website.


Author Rob Banks at matchday signing of An Irrational Hatred of Luton

  • September 13, 2010 11:29
  • Katy Scholes

West Ham fans on Saturday were greeted at their local Newham bookshop by the sunshiny faces of lifelong West Ham supporters Rob Banks and Iain Dale. Rob was there signing copies of his newly republished An Irrational Hatred of Luton which charts a lifetime of ups and downs for one avid Hammer.

Sadly, West Ham suffered a 3-1 defeat at the hands of a less-relentless-than-usual, Chelsea. However, Scott Parker's goal was nothing short of awesome and was a great way to break their clean sheet since the season began.

In other equally important but highly irrelevant news, Bobby Zamora has broken his leg but the mainstream sporting media is too busy talking about Wayne Rooney 'playing away from home' - see what I did there - than on this devastating blow to Fulham's title *ahem* hopes. Speaking of Wayne Rooney, buy Rooney's Gold, a biography by one of the BBC's leading investigative journalists, John Sweeney, here.

Let's take a moment to wish Bobby a speedy recovery - that goes for Rob and Iain too, I'm sure.


The Power of the Focus Group

  • September 10, 2010 13:09
  • Katy Scholes

Deborah Mattinson, Gordon Brown's chief political pollster and author of Talking To A Brick Wall talks to Total Politics magazine about why focus groups are still important references for politicians.

Eight swing voters assemble in a suburban sitting room. Clutching a glass of Coca-Cola or wine, scrambling for the comfy chair rather than share the sofa with a stranger, they may be shy at first, but gradually gain confidence as the evening wears on. It's a focus group and their views count.

Psychologists developed focus groups in the 1950s to complement statistical data. They are small scale, informal and discursive, providing deeper, diagnostic insight into consumer behaviour. Margaret Thatcher's adviser, Tim Bell, pioneered their application to UK politics in 1978 while developing Saatchi's highly effective "Labour isn't working" campaign.

To read more click here, to buy Deborah's Talking To A Brick Wall for £17.99 click here.