Biteback Publishing threatens to derail England's World Cup dream (according to the Daily Star!)

  • June 07, 2010 09:57
  • Katy Scholes

Daily Star Cover


The Daily Star, 6th June 2010

By Vaz Sayed

A BOOK about Wayne Rooney is threatening to derail England’s World Cup dreams.

The controversial biography, called Rooney’s Gold, has been released ahead of England’s campaign in South Africa. Rooney, 24, is said to be furious about the publication. And fans say the release could not have been more badly timed. The book, which Rooney’s representatives tried but failed to ban, details embarrassing material on the England hero. Summing up the book in sneering style, the book’s publishers say: “Rough, working class, surrounded by an unlikely crew – including a dodgy agent, a crooked lawyer, tarts and gangsters – Rooney’s Gold looks at the characters who have been attracted to the fabulous money Rooney gets for kicking a pig’s bladder around a field.”

Lifelong England supporter Darren Law, 39, of Blackburn, Lancs, said: “This is appalling timing to release a book which is bound to be so controversial. It is the last thing that Wayne Rooney and the England team needs.

“We can’t afford for our best player to be distracted by negative headlines and his private life being exposed to public ridicule.

“The publishers should have at least waited until after the World Cup for its release.” Another fan, Alan Gavan, who lives in Rooney’s village of Prestbury, Cheshire, fumed: “This is ridiculous.

“This is a great chance for England to finally lift the World Cup again and having Rooney in the right frame of mind is essential for any success.

“Printing gossip about his private life and his wealth is counter-productive.”

A source close to Rooney revealed: “He is absolutely livid. His people wanted to get the book banned but they failed.

“This book was due to be published years ago but the publishers got cold feet because they feared they could be sued because of the highly-controversial content.

“But it has had a re-write and a new publisher has taken it on. To say that Wayne is upset and angry is an understatement.

“He is even more furious about the timing of the release, which has come in the build-up to England’s campaign.

“It is a distraction that he could do without but he has to try to concentrate on his football. It is very regrettable.”

The 256-page hardback book is being published by Biteback, owned by political blogger Iain Dale. It has been written by the BBC’s investigative journalist John Sweeney. The no-holds-barred story was due to be published three years ago by Random House as their response to missing out on the official £5million five-book deal Rooney signed with Harper Collins. But Rooney’s advisers hired law firm Schillings and their legal warnings ¬persuaded Random House to shelve the project. Sweeney, who retained the copyright, persuaded Biteback to go ahead with a rewritten manuscript. Schillings has scared off WH Smith from stocking the book with further threats of legal action. But rivals Waterstone’s are believed to be putting it on sale this week.

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“The UK Election and the People’s Verdict: A Vote Against Spin?”

  • June 02, 2010 15:53
  • Katy Scholes

Nicholas Jones, author of the forthcoming Campaign 2010, features at a public discussion “The UK Election and the People’s Verdict: A Vote Against Spin?”

The general election delivered many surprises and confounded pundits. The vote resulted in the first coalition government in the UK since the Second World War. Apart from traditional media, tweeters, bloggers and social networking sites went into overdrive. We had Cleggmania, Bigot-gate and furious spinning in the media. But what did the election result say about the public’s view of media coverage? A panel of influential politicians and commentators will share their views. Chaired by Robin Lustig, BBC Presenter, Nicholas Jones together with Michael Dobbs, Lord Dholakia, Stephen Pound and Sunny Hundal offer their thoughts.

Date: Monday 7 June 2010
Venue: Commonwelath Parliamentary Association Room, Palace of Westminster
Time: 6-8.30 pm.

CAMPAIGN 2010 by Nicholas Jones is due out the end of June 2010.


COMING SOON - Brown at 10 by Anthony Seldon

  • June 01, 2010 11:01
  • Katy Scholes

Brown at 10Gordon Brown’s three years at No.10 were the most turbulent of any premiership in the postwar history of Downing Street. In Brown at 10, Professor Anthony Seldon - Britain’s leading writer on contemporary premiership and on No.10 and best-selling biographer of John Major and Tony Blair - tells for the first time the full, compelling story, bitter but true, of the astonishing end of Gordon Brown’s tenure, and with it the demise of the New Labour project.

Publication date: late September 2010.


Speaking to Lead's John Shosky discusses his new book

  • June 01, 2010 10:27
  • Katy Scholes

John Shosky_Thumb

Leadership requires public speaking. And that speaking must be effective and successful. There is a lot riding on this success: money, jobs, livelihood, opportunity, governmental policy, or public safety. Words help shape our reality. Words are a lasting legacy. Don’t under-estimate the power of the right words spoken at the right time…or the damage of the wrong words. A speech must be more than self-expression or information; it must make a positive difference. But fear holds some people back. There is a well-known survey that found the number one fear for adults is public speaking. Speech anxiety can be overcome. But, like most things in life, it takes understanding and effort. In my book, I look at the problem of speech anxiety and a number of other issues, such as how to gain the attention of an audience, how to construct a persuasive speech that unites an audience, how to give a speech that will be remembered, how to improve delivery, how to remain ethical, and how to create your own distinctive, unique rhetorical persona. Words are action. A speech can change the world. This is a book for people who really want to get better. It is a book about speeches that make a difference.



Iain Dale's documentary on the Rwandan Genocide

  • June 01, 2010 10:20
  • Katy Scholes

In this documentary Iain Dale looks at the terrible consequences of the Rwandan genocide on a trip to the Genocide Memorial at Murambi and the National Genocide Memorial in Kigali.

Watch the documentary here.

Mary K. Blewitt's harrowing and important account of her own experiences of the Rwandan genocide is still available to buy from Biteback.