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Elaine Stalker is one of few women in the House of Commons. Talented and ambitious, she finds it irksome to have to contend with the inadequate facilities, aggressively masculine culture and the sexual harassment. Her new colleagues are Cabinet Minister, Edward Bampton, constantly condescending and patronising and Derek Chatterley, a compulsive womaniser. But there is also Roger Dickson, the new leader of the Party. Between Roger and Elaine there is a strong sexual attraction, one which could jeopardise both their careers ...

As always ahead of the headlines, Edwina Currie deals in her second novel with topical issues such as political corruption, racism and the effect on real people of government policies. Packed with authentic detail and laced with sexual intrigue, it gives the reader a special insight into the real workings of power.

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  • ISBN: 9781849544368
  • 5 July 2012
  • £4.99

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