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The autobiography of the so-called ‘Ace of Spies’, the master of deception Ian Fleming would later use as a model for James Bond.

The first part of the book is Reilly’s life as told from his personal notes, and more specifically his attempt to overthrow the Bolshevik regime in Russia and restore the Czar.

The second part is written by his wife, Pepita, who, is determined to find out what really happened after his disappearance, searches Finland and Northern Russia for her missing husband.

The best collection of military, espionage, and adventure stories ever told.

The Dialogue Espionage Classics series began in 2010 with the purpose of bringing back classic out-of-print spying and espionage tales. From WWI and WWII to the Cold War, D-Day to the SOE, Bletchley Park to the Comet Line this fascinating spy history series brings you the best stories that should never be forgotten.


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  • ISBN: 9781849548335
  • 30 October 2014
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