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Whether you love or loathe him, no one can deny the reinvigorating effect that Nigel Farage has had upon political debate in Britain in recent years. Indeed, it is to him and his energetic leadership that UKIP owes much of its success.

Positioning himself as a lone splash of colour in an era of monotone political leaders, Farage’s apparent fearlessness and off-message willingness to speak his mind, while horrifying many, have offered a tonic to those who are sick to death of the usual round of sound-bite politicians.

In Nigel Farage In His Own Words, journalist Andrew Liddle offers an entertaining selection of Nigel’s most controversial, often laugh-out-loud funny, tell-it-like-it-is bon mots and politically incorrect public utterances, as well as some of the heated responses they have generated.


A surprisingly effective way of distilling the essential person.

The Independent

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