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Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and is fundamentally an attack on democracy. Under international law, the invasion of a United Nations member state which poses no imminent threat to the invader amounts to the serious crime of aggression. But can Putin be prosecuted? And if so, will he ever be held to account?

This remarkable book, by one of the world’s most celebrated human rights lawyers, shows how the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders validate the prosecution of Putin. Ironically, Putin’s defence hinges on a doctrine invented by George W. Bush to justify his invasion of Iraq, which Geoffrey Robertson exposes as contravening international law. If Putin fails to attend court, Robertson argues that he could be tried fairly in his absence, ensuring a verdict that will give pause to China and other countries which look to destroy democracy.

This brilliant deep dive into international law offers a unique perspective on an unjust war, highlighting why democracy is not safe unless Putin can be put – at least metaphorically – behind bars.


“This book is essential reading for all who wish for a better world. It explains how the Nuremberg legacy – that crimes against humanity must be punished – has been lost and why the current system is not fit for purpose. With his characteristic style and wit, Geoffrey Robertson sets out ways to stand up to the Russian dictator under the law of nations and to improve our current legal defences for democracy.”

Amal Clooney

“This is a really important book. Putin is guilty of killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including children and other civilians – he is as much an international criminal as Stalin, yet so far, he has got away with this appalling crime of warmongering. Geoffrey Robertson shows why he must be brought to account and how international law offers the prospect of bringing him to trial.”

Bill Browder

“In this brilliantly argued book and in his inimitable style, Geoffrey Robertson shows us that only by prosecuting Putin – in his absence, if necessary – can the rule of law be vindicated and his and others’ acts of aggression be deterred.”

Gordon Brown
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