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One of the most respected figures in the broadcasting industry, Roger Mosey has taken senior roles at the BBC for more than twenty years, including editor of Radio 4’s Today programme, head of television news and director of the London 2012 Olympic coverage.

The BBC is an institution that is envied across the world yet criticised by many at home as it faces an uncertain future. To discuss the past, present and future of our iconic ‘Auntie’, Chiswick Book Festival has invited a panel of experts and ex-insiders – three of whom have published books about the BBC this year – in what promises to be an informative and entertaining session.

Chair Will Wyatt (The Fun Factory: A Life at the BBC) will be joined by Charlotte Higgins (This New Noise: The Extraordinary Birth and Troubled Life of the BBC), Roger Mosey (Getting out Alive) and Professor Jean Seaton (‘Pinkoes and Traitors’ – The BBC and the Nation 1974 – 1987). 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

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