Though we’ve been living with them for centuries, the royal family continue to fascinate us. Whether it’s their spending habits or the history of the palaces they keep renovating, we always want to know more about what they’re doing – especially as their lives are so different from ours.

If you’re looking for your next royal read, here’s a selection of books you should definitely check out.


The Last Queen, by Clive Irving

Seasoned journalist Clive Irving pays tribute to the longest-living monarch in British history. She weathered PR disasters, personal tragedies and the fall of the British Empire, but Queen Elizabeth still managed to maintain an aura of mystery.

But though the monarchy today looks stronger than it’s ever been, its fragility should not be underestimated. From the Queen's early years to her annus horriblis, Irving takes a look at the storms the royal family has faced and asks: was Elizabeth our last queen?

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And What Do You Do?, by Norman Baker

Norman Baker is better placed to comment on the royals than most: he’s been a member of the Privy Council and has served as a Cabinet minister in the coalition government. In this book, he turns his gaze on the foibles of the royals. Where does their money come from? Why are they exempt from inheritance tax – and just how did Prince Andrew sell his house? It’s an unflinching look at a system that has evolved over the years and now needs reform.

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Kensington Palace, by Tom Quinn

They say Buckingham Palace is the seat of the monarchy, but Kensington Palace has seen more than its fair share of royals. In Kensington Palace, Tom Quinn takes a look at its bizarre history. From imprisoned wives to Queen Victoria’s childhood years, Quinn taps into his massive web of royal contacts to show you the palace in a whole new light. If you ever wanted to know what Princess Diana got up to while she lived there, this is the book for you!

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Pets by Royal Appointment, by Brian Hoey

Brian Hoey is back and he’s tackling the royal family’s biggest love: pets. The Queen’s famous obsession with corgis was one thing, but did you know about the time Prince Andrew was presented with a baby crocodile, or Princess Anne with a brown bear? If you wanted to know about all the creatures great and small that live inside Buckingham Palace, then Hoey’s handy little guide is the book for you.

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Royalty Revealed, by Brian Hoey

Have you ever wondered how much you could earn as a royal chef at Buckingham Palace, what Prince Philip’s favourite tipple was, or what the Queen most liked to receive as a gift?

Wonder no longer! Brian Hoey’s lovely little A-Z covers all the weird and wonderful elements of being a member of the royal family. Featuring quick biographies of key royals, bizarre anecdotes and advice on everything from tipping palace servants to becoming a servant yourself, it’s a light and easy read that’s perfect for a weekend cuppa.

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