Getting Out Alive

From the editor of Radio 4’s Today programme through head of BBC television news, Roger Mosey spent more than twenty years working in senior roles for the world’s most famous broadcaster. From the pressures of handling large scale television events to the burdens and politics of the Olympics, Mosey both shocks and humours in this revealing account of life at the heart of the BBC.

Fit Up

Following her husband’s wrongful arrest for the most sickening of crimes, Faith Clifford was faced with a ten-year legal battle against the police to clear his name. This horrifying yet compelling true story of a blameless couple’s battle with the law provides a unique and shocking exposé of police corruption, and documents the heart-wrenching consequences on all aspects of their lives.


From the award-winning financial journalist John Plender, Capitalism is a fascinating and wide-ranging exploration of the world’s predominant financial system. Plender explores the paradoxical aspects of the capitalist system, not simply through the eyes of economists and business people, but philosophers, novelists, poets and artists.