August releases from Biteback Publishing

  • August 03, 2016 14:00
  • Sam Jones

Manxiety: The Difficulties of Being Male (Provocations)

By Dylan Jones

Masculinity, it appears, is in crisis. Diminished by feminists, mocked by their peers and ridiculed by the media, it seems not a week goes by when men are not being accused of being too violent, too stupid or too sexual. Is it time for a men’s movement, or do men just need to get a grip and ‘man up’? Who better to answer these questions than GQ editor Dylan Jones.




The Margaret Thatcher Colouring Book

by Nathan Brenville

At long last, colouring books come of age with a tribute to the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Featuring cameos from luminaries such as Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Jeremy Corbyn, The Margaret Thatcher Colouring Book gives friends and foes alike the chance to sharpen their pencils and colour in the Iron Lady however they deem appropriate…




In Trump We Trust: How He Outsmarted the Politicians, the Elites and the Media

by Ann Coulter

The Trump phenomenon has unarguably been the biggest story of the US presidential race so far. Just how did he manage to win over the support of millions of Republicans? Does he have a chance of winning in November? What would he be like as president?




The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics

by Lisa Nandy MP, Caroline Lucas MP and Chris Bowers

In the wake of the 2015 general election result and the 2016 EU referendum outcome, there is a growing recognition that cross-party cooperation among the progressives is needed to reinvigorate politics and inspire a credible alternative to the Conservative government.

With contributions from a broad range of left and centre-left voices – including Siân Berry, Mhairi Black, Frances O'Grady, Tim Farron, Carys Afoko and Neal Lawson – The Alternative sets out a base of core values around which progressives can unite.


Trillion Dollar Baby: How Norway Beat the Oil Giants and Won a Lasting Fortune

by Paul Cleary

For most of its history, the remote and near-Arctic nation of Norway has eked out a marginal existence from fishing, forestry and shipping. That is, until Christmas Eve 1969, when oil was discovered off its southern coast. Now, less than fifty years later, Norway has the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, with assets of US$870 billion. What’s more, the fund is on track to hit the US$1 trillion mark by 2020. Trillion Dollar Baby is the incredible story of how it was achieved.


Biteback Publishing to publish We Are Arrested: A Journalist's Notes from a Turkish Prison

  • July 20, 2016 20:00
  • Can Dündar

James Stephens of Biteback Publishing has acquired World English rights to We Are Arrested by award-winning journalist Can Dündar. Rights were acquired from Nermin Mollaoglu at Kalem Agency in Istanbul.

Following this month’s attempted coup, the international spotlight has fallen on Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian government, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Already known for his attacks on press freedom, international observers fear the attempted coup has given Erdogan an excuse to further supress all opposition.

In November 2015 Can Dündar, editor-in-chief of the national Cumhuriyet newspaper, was arrested on charges of espionage, helping a terrorist organisation, trying to topple the government and revealing state secrets. Arraigned by the President himself, who called for Can to receive two life sentences, he was imprisoned in solitary confinement in Turkey’s Silivri prison for three months whilst awaiting trial. Dündar’s so-called crime was informing the public of the discovery of a highly illegal covert arms shipment by the Turkish secret service to radical Islamist organisations fighting government forces in Syria. This was a crime that was in the government’s interest to conceal, and a journalist’s duty to expose.

We Are Arrested is Dündar’s account of the discovery, the weighing up of the pros and cons of publishing, and the events that unfolded after the decision. Dündar and his colleagues faced police barricades, would-be suicide bombers and assassination attempts, as well as fierce attacks from pro-government media.

Incarcerated in Silivri, Can Dündar decided to write down his experiences. Here, in isolation, he learned to appreciate the small things in life. Most importantly, he realised that courage in an age of fear is essential if the public’s right to know is to be defended.

We Are Arrested will be published in September and supported by a major press campaign.

James Stephens said: ‘Under Erdogan the Turkish press has experienced a systematic crackdown. Censorship is rife and journalists are regularly arrested and imprisoned on charges of terrorism or espionage, simply for doing their job. In the wake of July’s attempted coup, it seems likely the situation will only worsen. That’s why it is more important than ever that brave voices like Can Dündar’s are heard.’

Can Dündar is Editor-in-Chief of the venerable daily newspaper Cumhuriyet. In May this year he was sentenced to imprisonment for five years and ten months for ‘leaking secret information of the state’. He has appealed to Turkey’s higher court.

For more information please contact or call 020 7091 1260


Biteback Publishing to publish Theresa May: The Path To Power by Rosa Prince

  • July 13, 2016 14:35
  • Vicky Gilder

Iain Dale, MD of Biteback Publishing, has acquired world rights to Theresa May: The Path to Power by award-winning journalist and Jeremy Corbyn biographer Rosa Prince.

Twenty days after Britain’s dramatic vote to leave the European Union, a new Prime Minister has captured Downing Street. Few are more surprised than Theresa May herself. At the start of this extraordinary summer, the formidable May had been on the cusp of becoming the longest-serving Home Secretary in history. Then the unexpected happened.

David Cameron’s sudden resignation unleashed a leadership contest like no other – and saw the showier rivals for this crown fall one by one with dizzying speed. Britain’s second-ever female premier is a self-styled unflashy politician, a vicar’s daughter whose commitment to public service was instilled during her Oxfordshire childhood.

With one of the strongest marriages in politics, the Vogue-reading, cookbook-devouring, kitten heel-wearing May has overcome personal sadness to forge a reputation as one of the most respected and diligent politicians of her era. More than a decade after she warned stunned Conservatives of their ‘nasty’ image, the 59-year-old has become the champion of Middle England and united her riven party.

May’s task now is to bring together a divided country, at the moment of perhaps its greatest challenge since the Second World War. Theresa May tells the story of one of the most extraordinary people ever to enter No. 10.

Theresa May: The Path to Power will be published in January 2017 and supported by a major publicity campaign.

Rosa Prince said: ‘It is an honour to be writing the life of Britain's second female Prime Minister – particularly when she is as fascinating and impressive a character as Theresa May. The events leading up to her coronation were among the most dramatic in modern British politics and will make for a compelling story.’

Iain Dale said: ‘Theresa May’s astonishing victory marks the culmination of the most extraordinary few weeks in recent British political history. As our second female Prime Minister enters No. 10, I’m delighted that Biteback will be publishing this definitive biography.’

Rosa Prince is a freelance journalist and writer. She began her journalistic career at the Daily Mirror before moving to the Daily Telegraph, where she became Assistant Political Editor and was part of the team that broke the 2010 expenses scandal. She is the author of Standing Down: Interviews With Retiring MPs and Comrade Corbyn, the definitive biography of the Labour leader.

For more information please contact or call 020 7091 1260


July releases from Biteback Publishing

  • July 06, 2016 12:00
  • Sam Jones

Stand By Your Manhood

An Essential Guide for Modern Men

by Peter Lloyd

‘Suffragent’ Peter Lloyd’s lad bible is the book that gives blokes their balls back. Calling for a new, improved approach to masculinity, Lloyd deftly navigates all of the burning questions that men face today, from whether we should fund the first date, to whether or not we are sexist if we enjoy pornography. Politically incorrect, fearless and hilarious in equal measure, Stand By Your Manhood is the essential guide to being a modern man.



Forman’s Games

The Dark Underside of the London Olympics

by Lance Forman

In July 2005, the world held a collective intake of breath as the IOC president declared that London would be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. For Lance Forman, the words spelt only dread as he and his 100-year-old, fourth-generation family business, H. Forman & Son, faced eviction to make way for the Olympic park. Forman’s Games is the full, unexpurgated and scandalous account of Lance’s battle to protect the firm, which brought him into open conflict with many powerful figures, including the then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and Sebastian Coe.


I’m Not One to Gossip, But…

Wicked Whispers, William Hickey and Forty Years of Blarney

by John McEntee

John McEntee’s career has been nothing if not colourful. After reporting on the IRA terror campaign for the Irish Press, John soon found his home on London’s gossip circuit, first on the Daily Mail’s Wicked Whispers column and later on the William Hickey column at the Daily Express.

Full to the brim with glamorous occasions, celebrity encounters and scandalous remarks, McEntee’s memoir is a goldmine of anecdotal gems from one of the true denizens of Fleet Street.


Power and Pragmatism

The memoirs of Malcolm Rifkind

by Malcolm Rifkind

Sir Malcolm Rifkind has seen longer uninterrupted parliamentary service than anyone since Lord Palmerston in the early nineteenth century. Serving under Margaret Thatcher in the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence during some of the most turbulent years of the late twentieth century, Rifkind was in charge of British troops during the Bosnian conflict, helped change Polish history during the Cold War, and held secret negotiations on the Falklands with the Argentinians. For his robustness against the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine, he is currently banned from Russia by President Putin. Now, from the man himself, comes the inside story of all those affairs and more.

The Corruption of Capitalism

Why rentiers thrive and work does not pay

by Guy Standing

There is a lie at the heart of global capitalism. Income is channelled to the owners of property – financial, physical and intellectual – at the expense of society. This compelling book reveals how global capitalism is rigged in favour of rentiers to the detriment of all of us, especially the precariat.




Black Horse Ride

The Inside Story of Lloyds and the Banking Crisis

by Ivan Fallon

Longlisted for the FT and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award 2015, the updated paperback edition of Ivan Fallon’s critically acclaimed Black Horse Ride reveals the inside story of Lloyds TSB’s takeover of HBOS in the aftermath of the crash of the Lehman Brothers in 2008.


Biteback to publish the first insider account of the leave campaign’s shock victory

  • July 04, 2016 11:00
  • Vicky Gilder

Iain Dale at Biteback Publishing has acquired world rights to The Brexit Club: The Inside Story of the Leave Campaign’s Shock Victory by journalist Owen Bennett.

From Boris Johnson to Nigel Farage; George Galloway to Michael Gove, the campaign to get the UK out of the EU brought together some of the most colourful characters in British politics.

This once-in-a-generation opportunity to free the UK from the grip of Brussels saw egos put to one side and rivalries put on hold to push for a Leave vote in the EU referendum... or did it?

Journalist Owen Bennett brings you the inside story of the battle for Brexit, from the massing of the UKIP foot soldiers after the general election and the squabbling of the various Leave groups, to the arrival of the Cabinet cavalry after Cameron’s Brussels deal and the dramatic final weeks fought on battle buses and in TV studios.

With unprecedented access to the key figures in the Leave groups, The Brexit Club reveals the truth behind the campaign that divided friends, families and, ultimately, the country.

The Brexit Club will be published in September and supported by a major publicity campaign.

Iain Dale said: ‘The British people’s historic decision to leave the European Union will undoubtedly be seen as the defining political event in a generation. The road to Brexit was no less momentous, and I’m delighted to be publishing Owen Bennett’s extraordinary behind-the-scenes account of the Leave campaign.’

Owen Bennett said: 'Everyone knew the Brexit campaign would be dramatic, but I don't think any of us quite predicted just how many twists and turns there would be. Through reporting on the various Leave groups and speaking to the key people involved, I know this truly was a campaign like no other in the history of British politics.'

Owen Bennett is political reporter for the Huffington Post UK. He is a regular contributor to the BBC and Sky News, and the author of Following Farage: On the Trail of the People’s Army, which was named as a political book of the year by the Guardian and the Independent