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The European Union has powerful resources at its disposal to tackle global warming; together, the countries of the EU are global leaders in the use of renewables. Why, then, has there been such slow progress in actually enforcing energy policy changes?

Energy Transformation reveals the bitter political battles fought inside EU institutions over the past fifteen years between the architects of energy transition – those who develop solutions against the grave impetus of global warming – and the saboteurs, who infiltrate the highest European levels of decision-making to slow down the system transformation.

Claude Turmes, a prominent MEP on environmental issues, explores a field marked equally by progress and setbacks, from the enthusiasm of the early 2000s to the relapse of the post-2008 economic crisis, with each progressive proposal facing corporate lobbying and high-stakes pressure.

It is vital – now more than ever – to understand what we, as industrialised nations, should do. This is a fight not only for the economy, but for democracy and the future of the planet. With the ever-accelerating impact of global warming causing irreversible damage, the time to act is now.

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