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The Tibetans have the Book of the Dead. This is Ann Treneman’s Book of the ‘Dead Interesting’. The award-winning Times writer, best known for her incisive parliamentary sketches, has branched out – to graveyards.

In this whirlwind tour of the 100 most fascinating graves in Britain, you’ll meet the real War Horse, Byron and his dog Boatswain, Florence Nightingale and her pet baby owl Athena, prime ministers, queens and kings, highwaymen, scientists, mistresses, the real James Bond and, of course, M. Then there are the writers, painters, poets, rakes and rogues, victims, the meek and the mild and the just plain mad.

Ranging from the humorous to the poignant, each short and sweet stop along the way provides an intriguing insight into the British way of death. Part travelogue, part biography and part social history, Finding the Plot is essential reading for everyone who isn’t dead yet.

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“The most fun I have ever had with dead bodies.”

Bill Bryson

“Festooned with good stories.”

The Guardian

“Graving may sound like a gloomy activity but Treneman’s fascinating trawl through burial sites proves it is anything but.”

The Observer

“It’s dead good.”

The Times
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