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This book is about restoring national pride and positive politics. It shows that although unity and division are natural parts of British political debate, some of this division is caused by a need for political reform.

Political institutions have struggled not just to manage themselves, but also to cope with scandals in the private, public and third sectors. Since the financial crisis of 2008, leadership across all sectors has been challenged by the banks and charities from Oxfam to Volkswagen and the Catholic Church to the movie industry.

This has had a corrosive effect on public confidence in national and international government, and also in leadership itself. At the same time, social media and other events are creating greater individualism, at a time when we should be bringing people together.

This inspirational book showcases people and organisations that are achieving great things in our communities and globally, and suggests a new approach by focusing on the unity of national, local and sector missions. It will help illuminate the service to our country and our communities and serve to break down barriers between sectors.

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