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Elections aren’t just important – they are revealing. They tell us things about who we are and how we behave. Written by leading political experts, Sex, Lies and Politics reveals what really makes us tick.

At once funny, revealing and shocking, it covers everything you need to know about the voters and their quirks, foibles and sexual secrets, including when they lie (often to themselves), how they are swayed by tribal loyalties (even when judging cats and celebrities), and why you should keep quiet about your Brexit vote when moving house…

Combining brand-new essays with fully updated pieces from the acclaimed Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box and More Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box, this witty and thought-provoking collection is a guaranteed conversation starter. If you want to discover which party’s voters have the wildest private lives, read on.


In politically febrile times, we all need to understand each other better – and have a bloody good laugh, too. These finely crafted essays achieve just that.

Emma Barnett, BBC Radio 5 Live

'An entertaining and superbly well-informed guide to the often mysterious workings behind electoral outcomes.'

The Daily Mail

This is the perfect navigation kit for the inevitable general election coming towards us. Buy it, read it and assume the brace position.

Gary Gibbon, political editor, Channel 4 News

This book answers everything you want to know about UK politics but were afraid to ask.

Adam Boulton, Sky News

I am really excited about this book. Politics is like anything: you can’t know something, really know it, unless you have used proper scientific methods to find it out. So this volume tackles ignorance one valiant essay at a time. Read it, or remain a ‘Don’t know’ – those are your alternatives.

Daniel Finkelstein, The Times

If you don’t read this brilliant book, you are at risk of two things: firstly, not understanding how British politics really works, and secondly, thinking psephology is boring. Tuck in!

Isabel Hardman

This book is a model of how to present new findings in surprising and clever ways, distilling the wisdom of evidence into jewel-like short chapters that make you think, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that.’

John Rentoul, The Independent

"An entertaining and superbly well-informed guide to the often mysterious workings behind electoral outcomes."

Daily Mail

“Stuffed with eye-opening gems”

Asa Bennett, The Daily Telegraph
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