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Elisabeth Spencer’s daughter Milly came out as trans at the age of twenty-one. Just a few days later, in one of life’s perfect storms, Spencer’s husband was diagnosed with an advanced terminal illness – and so she was set on course to confront rebirth in the face of death.

In this compelling and poignant memoir, Spencer recalls her emotional journey over the course of her daughter’s life, as she struggles first with the mystery of Milly’s constant unhappiness, then with the revelation of her coming out, through a sense of bereavement, bewilderment and guilt, culminating in her determination to help her child become her true self.

Written with remarkable warmth, generosity and honesty, The Road to My Daughter is both a deeply moving meditation on motherhood and a nuanced and compassionate reflection on trans issues, illuminating not only how it feels to witness the physical and mental processes of transitioning, and the realities behind embarking on this journey together, but also what it means to be a parent.


“A beautifully honest, informative and tender story from a perspective that has been all but silenced in the public ‘debate’ about what’s best for kids who grow up feeling as I felt growing up. Thank you.”

Paris Lees

“I read Elisabeth Spencer’s story with my heart in my mouth. It is heartbreakingly honest and lyrical, and she is so frank about the challenges she and her daughter have faced. It could not be more timely, compassionate and important. I urge you to read it.”

Rosie Fiore

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