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With a foreword by Ed Miliband

Will the 2015 general election herald the return of a Labour-dominated government? Could another coalition be on the cards with a rival party, or will the Labour Party be doomed to remain in opposition for another term?

In this concise and authoritative guide, Dan Jarvis MP brings together a cast of Labour’s brightest and best to explain how the Labour Party proposes to address the problems facing the nation today if they win power in 2015.

Exploring the party’s key policies, agendas and traditional commitments, with case studies and contributions from experts and members of the public, Why Vote Labour 2015 will prove invaluable in helping you decide where to place your vote on 7 May.


A book that both looks towards the future and provides a timely reminder of how a vote for Labour has always been a vote for a fairer and more equal society.

Alan Johnson

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  • 18 May 2014
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