It’s been a very exciting couple of months at Biteback Publishing. Call Me Dave has caused somewhat of a stir and has seen the largest print run in our company’s history. We’ve also published Alan Friedman’s internationally bestselling biography of Silvio Berlusconi – My Way – as well as two acclaimed accounts of recent political campaigns: Joe Pike’s Project Fear and Tim Ross’s Why the Tories Won.

November brings plenty more: the return of the ground-breaking Provocations series and Tony Travers’s fascinating look at fifty years of the London boroughs.

London’s Boroughs at 50

By Tony Travers

Tony Travers takes us from the ‘swinging’ London of the ’60s to the global metropolis of today with London's Boroughs at 50. Containing a section on each of the city’s boroughs, Travers also looks at some of the personalities who have led or impacted on them, including Ted Knight, Ken Livingstone, Dame Shirley Porter and, of course, Boris Johnson.




The ‘R’ Word

By Kurt Barling

As a Londoner with English, Irish, Nigerian and German roots, Kurt Barling is able to speak with some authority about the impact of skin colour on life in Britain. In The ‘R’ Word, an invaluable contribution to the discourse surrounding race and racism, Barling asks whether we can truly step out of our skins and leave the colour behind.

If you’re a reader of these fantastic and accesible polemics, don’t miss An Evening of Provocations at Waterstones Piccadilly on 25 November, where Zoe Williams, Joan Smith and Peter York will join series editor Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to present and debate their own unique takes on a range of topics.