Seize the Day - An Exclusive Extract

  • October 15, 2014 16:00
  • Sarah Thrift

To celebrate the release of Mike Read's autobiography Seize the Day we've decided to offer you all an exclusive extract on our brand new website. Chapter One, entitled Radio Wall of Sound, is available to read now. Simply visit the book's page, Seize the Day, and click 'Read a Sample' to begin. Expect jokes, familiar faces and a rather notorious jungle. 

About the book: 

A fascinating romp through the life of a broadcasting legend, Mike Read’s autobiography offers an exciting insight into his three decades in showbiz. From ventures in radio, television and music, to tales of sport, romance and the royals, Mike writes with candour and humour in equal measure, including tangential stories of famous friends, near-death experiences and extraordinary happenings along the way.

Seize the Day is on special offer for a limited time only, so don't miss out! 


Biteback Publishing acquires Alan Cochrane's referendum campaign diaries

  • October 14, 2014 16:00
  • Sarah Thrift

Iain Dale, MD of Biteback Publishing has acquired World rights for Alan Cochrane’s diaries on the Scottish referendum campaign.  Cochrane is the Scottish Editor of the Daily Telegraph.  Alex Salmond My Part in his Downfall, The Cochrane Diaries will be published by Biteback on 18th November, price £18.99 hardback.

Alan Cochrane - ‘that ghastly man from the Telegraph’, as Alex Salmond’s wife called him – emerged as one of the Unionist heroes in Scotland’s recent independence battle. Using his daily newspaper columns, and drawing on his long list of Westminster and Scottish contacts to plot behind the scenes, the veteran journalist mounted a mission all of his own to see off the Scottish Nationalist threat and bring about the downfall of the SNP leader.

Now he reveals how the UK was really won. Through the pages of his detailed diary, kept secretly throughout the three years of the build-up to the referendum, he offers insights into every stage of the historic campaign.

With his access to David Cameron, Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown and everyone in between, he exposes the cynical, the chaotic, the incompetent and the cruel world of politics, sparing no one from his withering observations.

As the polls narrowed on the eve of September 18, the increasingly bitter fight for Britain brought out the best and the worst in the characters involved, while Cochrane looked on. Unique among his media peers, he not only documented the unfolding events but came to play a part in his country’s biggest ever political story.

Newspaper serialisation rights are available.

Pre-order the book here. 



Crossword Competition - Could You Cut It As A Codebreaker?

  • October 10, 2014 13:00
  • Sarah Thrift

It's competition time folks.

The Daily Telegraph’s cryptic crossword on January 13 1942 played a crucial role in helping the Allies win the Second World War. They used it to recruit the Bletchley Park codebreakers. Would you have made the grade? The Daily Telegraph have reproduced the crossword for eager readers today, and we'd like to do the same... Submit the correct answers to the crossword for your chance to win one of three copies of The Secrets of Station X by Michael Smith. Use the clues below, don't just copy the answers. No cheating!


1 A stage company (6)

4 The direct route preferred by the Roundheads (5,3)

9 One of the ever-greens (6)

10 Scented (10)

12 Course with an apt finish (5)

13 Much that could be got from a timber merchant (5,4)

15 We have nothing and are in debt (3)

16 Pretend (5)

17 Is this town ready for a flood? (6)

22 The little fellow has some beer; it makes me lose colour, I say (6)

24 Fashion of a famous French family (5)

27 Tree (3)

28 One might of course use this tool to core an apple (6,3)

31 Once used for unofficial currency (5)

32 Those well brought up help these over stiles (4,4)

33 A sport in a hurry (6)

34 Is the workshop that turns out this part of a motor a hush-hush affair? (8)

35 An illumination functioning (6) 


Official instructions not to forget the servants (8)

Said to be a remedy for a burn (5,3)

Kind of alias (9)

A disagreeable company (5)

Debtors may have to this money for their debts unless of course their creditors do it to the debts (5)

Boat that should be able to suit anyone (6)

Gear (6)

11 Business with the end in sight (6)

14 The right sort of woman has the right sort of stove (3)

18 "The war" (anag.) (6)

19 When hammering take care not to hit this (5,4)

20 Making sounds as a bell (8)

21 Half a fortnight of old (8)

23 Bird, dish or coin (3)

25 This sign of the zodiac has no connection with the Fishes (6)

26 A preservative of teeth (6)

29 Famous sculptor (5)

30 This part of the locomotive engine would sound familiar to the golfer (5)

Are you an espionage fan? We'd recommend taking a look at these.


October Releases From Biteback Publishing

  • October 09, 2014 17:30
  • Sarah Thrift

Celebrate #SuperThursday with Biteback Publishing. This month we’ve got a glorious range of titles that will inform and entertain. Grab them from our brand new website now… 



Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box: 50 Things You Need to Know about British Elections

Edited by Philip Cowley and Robert Ford

Ever wondered why people lie about voting? Why some parties knock on your door, and others don't? What politicians get up to in the bedroom? All the information you never knew you needed to know packed into fifty accessible chapters. 50 political experts take on sexual secrets, skewed surveys and much, much more. 

An Inconvenient Genocide: Who Now Remembers the Armenians?

By Geoffrey Robertson QC

Leading human rights barrister, Geoffrey Robertson, asks the highly important and controversial question: was there an Armenian genocide? Robertson condemns hypocrisy and seeks to prove beyond reasonable doubt the horrific events of 1915 constitute the crime of genocide. A highly important and intelligent read.

"One of the greatest legal minds forces a shameful but inconvenient truth upon the world." Helena Kennedy QC
Chance Encounters: Tales from a Varied Life

By Tim Razzall

This is the depiction of a fascinatingly varied career, from lawyer, to businessman, to politician. Rather than a traditional chronological autobiography, Razzall has written a fascinating insight into the iconic figures he has met over the years, including encounters with the Beatles and Bill Clinton. 

“Few politicians have led such a fascinating life." Lord Alliance

Out in the Army: My Life as a Gay Solider (PB)

By James Wharton 

Last year James Wharton enthralled readers with the story of a solider who struggled to come to terms with his sexuality, but went on to become a pioneer for LGBT equality in the armed forces and beyond. Wharton has had a fascinating career, escorting the Queen to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and serving alongside Prince Harry in Canada. Wharton returns with brand new material about his life after the army in this updated paperback edition. 

"A wonderful, stirring and thrilling read. I laughed, wept and winced..." Stephen Fry 

Adventures of a British Master Spy: The Memoirs of Sidney Reilly

By Sidney Reilly

Another great addition to the Dialogue Espionage Classics Series! This book depicts Reilly’s account of his life, specifically relating to his attempt to overthrow Bolshevism and restore the Czar in Russia. The first section is followed by his wife Pepita’s description of her desperate search for Sidney in Finland and northern Russia after his disappearance. A compelling tale for all espionage fans. 


All these books will be available on our two week price promise, so don’t miss out!
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Introducing Our Brand New Website

  • October 03, 2014 13:45
  • Sarah Thrift

Welcome to our new website! 

We've got plenty of fun new features, as well as a rather charming new design and layout. But don't worry – we've still got the same great books. The only difference is, now we also sell eBooks! Confused? Let us explain.  

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