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You’ve never heard his name before. Now you won’t forget it. Craig Summers. One man with one of the most dangerous jobs in television. And then things suddenly got worse. we entered the 9/11 era. After twenty-three years serving his country, from the Falklands to the Balkans, Summers found himself out of the army, and out of a job.
One stroke of luck suddenly opened doors for him at the BBC and he never looked back, living the dream, flying to sporting events around the world, protecting his own heroes, but also orchestrating undercover stings for BBC news gathering. In this new decade of the ‘war on terror’, suddenly his military nous was invaluable, chaperoning the world’s finest journalists across the globe from Kabul to Gaza, Baghdad to Harare.
If John Simpson was in a war zone on your TV that night, Summers was standing next to him, out of shot.
Now, for the first time, he writes exclusively about these relationships and how he makes demanding television look so easy. Infiltrating the underworld or marching through battlefields, he has seen it all. Bodyguard tells the unknown stories behind some of the biggest news and sports events of our time. This is not just another book about life in the danger zone. This is Bodyguard, uncensored and on the record. No one else can tell this story.

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  • 24 May 2012
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