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It all began, as great love stories must, in a rose garden. David Cameron and Nick Clegg strode out into their new sun-dappled world. Bees buzzed. Birds sang. We all realised this wasn't a press conference but a wedding. The newlyweds were bursting with the politics of love, of coalition, of happiness. They said it couldn't last - and it didn't. Resignations. Rows.T uition fees. Uturns. Tears and trauma and broken crockery. Ann Treneman, the sketchwriter for The Times newspaper, hilariously chronicles an extraordinary year of love and war and politics in Britain. Here's the laugh out loud story of the courtship, the wedding, the honeymoon, the marriage, the passion and the power, themayhem and the madness


Many an MP will be fingering the index, fearing – hoping? – for a mention.

Keith Simpson MP, Total Politics

Domestic bliss need not be all 1950s housewifery

Megan Walsh, The Times

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  • 31 October 2011
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