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A lively, authoritative and revealing portrait of the Queen s life and work through the eyes of those who ve known her and worked with her over the last 50 years. Queen Elizabeth is the most experienced figure in British public life. The most famous woman in the world, she is also the most private. The Queen has earned widespread respect and admiration as one of the most remarkable people of our time. How she has always put country and Commonwealth before family and personal happiness is the central theme of this book. Now, in her fiftieth year on the throne, Brian Hoey takes a searching look at the ups and downs of Her Majesty s long reign. He has had unrivalled access to past and present members of the royal staff and household for over twenty years, and has talked to many ex-Heads of State, statesmen, politicians and personal friends of the Queen.

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  • 3 May 2012
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