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Courageous women change history and remould our culture. For centuries, rebel ladies have been punching up, fighting for freedoms and equality, challenging the world order. Today, the next generation continue the fight, boldly marching, banners flying, into a brighter future.

And yet, women’s contributions are routinely marginalised, squeezed aside by the usual cast of pale, male and stale characters. Determined to redress the balance, veteran journalist and author Yasmin Alibhai-Brown sets lesser-known names alongside the most famous, celebrating fifty daring, courageous, indomitable women. There’s Anne Lister, the lesbian landowner; Sophia Singh, the forgotten suffragette; detective superintendent Shabnam Chaudhri, the first Asian/Muslim to hold that role in the Met; and Harriet Wistrich, the superlative human rights lawyer. There’s Reni Eddo-Lodge, Caroline Criado Perez, Shazia Mirza; the list goes on.

Featuring interviews with the women themselves, this refreshing compendium of fearless ladies is a fortifying tonic, reviving the stories of women lost to history and cheering on those who will lead the way to a more equal tomorrow.


A brilliant collection of women of our time and in the past.

Mishal Husain

This fantastic book is a true celebration of revolutionary women of all ages, backgrounds and concerns. Told with passion, heartfelt sincerity and thought-provoking insight, Ladies Who Punch gives us a welcome reminder that, though we’ve come a long way in the fight for equality, our work is not yet done.

Iain Dale

“Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s pen portraits burn with admiration and engross you with their fine detail, sharp insights and humane wit. All her subjects make you want to stand up and cheer, as the author does herself.” 

Zoe Williams
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