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In the months before the 2015 election, Lord Ashcroft Polls conducted focus groups all over the country to find out whether the parties’ frenetic campaigning was having any effect on the people it was supposed to impress: undecided voters in marginal seats.

The reports, collected here for the first time, show what was going on behind the polling numbers – what people made of the stunts, scandals and mishaps, as well as the policies, plans and promises that constitute the race to Number Ten. As well as shedding light on voters’ hopes and fears, the book asks crucial questions: Which party leader is like a Chihuahua in a handbag? Which cartoon character does David Cameron most resemble? What would Ed Miliband do on a free Friday night? And is Nigel Farage more like Johnny Rotten or the Wurzels?

Pay Me Forty Quid and I’ll Tell You – packed with shrewd and funny observations from real voters – proves that although most people have better things to do than follow every storyline in the political soap opera, nothing very important gets past them.

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