• SEP 14

    Secret Scientists and Spies: Nigel West & Taylor Downing Talk to Paula Kitching

    • 14 Sep 2014
    • Hampstead & Highgate Literary Festival

    Top secret activities are a vital to the successful outcome of modern warfare. In 1921, MI5 commissioned a detailed review of its First World War operations. Bestselling writer and historian Nigel West’s MI5 in the Great War is a version of that top-secret history, edited and brought up to date. Taylor Downing’s Secret Warriors delves into previously...

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  • AUG 28

    Referendum Debate at Waterstones Sauchiehall Street

    • 28 Aug 2014
    • Waterstones Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

    Referendum Question Time with Jim Murphy, Alan Cochrane and James Dornan Come and join us at Waterstones in Sauchiehall Street with Jim Murphy MP, James Dornan MSP, Jamie Maxwell, George Keravan, Alan Cochrane and award winning author Sara Sheridan (chair) for an evening of debate.. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions from both sides...

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  • AUG 28

    Lord Fowler at Prowler, Soho

    • 28 Aug 2014
    • Prowler, Soho

    Norman Fowler, Health Secretary under Margaret Thatcher, defied all odds by driving through a ground-breaking health campaign AIDS Don’t Die of Ignorance. It’s fair to say his work has helped saved thousands, if not millions, of lives. You can meet Lord Fowler in person at Prowler Soho, buy his incredible new book AIDS Don’t Die of Prejudice and discover...

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  • AUG 19

    Michael Waterhouse with Tam Dalyell

    • 19 Aug 2014
    • The Edinburgh International Book Festival, Baillie Gifford Main Theatre

    The Man Who Took Britain to War ‘I hate war!’ These were the words uttered by Sir Edward Grey in 1914 after persuading the House of Commons that war was inevitable. Did the hapless Foreign Secretary allow the world to sleepwalk into global conflict? Or was he a genuinely good man faced with an impossible task? The veteran politician Tam Dalyell interviews...

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  • AUG 08

    Victoria Panton Bacon at Holt Bookshop

    • 8 Aug 2014
    • Holt Bookshop

    Victoria Panton Bacon will be at the Holt Bookshop to talk about her Grandfather’s book Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer. Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer is a vivid and unique memoir of life as an RAF reconnaissance pilot in France during the hellish summer of 1940. It brings to life the fear, loneliness, pain and terrible sadness Panton and his comrades...

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  • JUL 29

    Jim Murphy talks '10 Football Matches' at Waterstones Newton Mearns!

    • 29 Jul 2014
    • Waterstones Newton Mearns

    Jim Murphy takes us on a journey around the world and through the years, from Franco’s Spain to Africa’s Alcatraz, Robben Island. Charting the match that sparked a Central American war, the Barcelona team threatened at gunpoint, and the game that helped save Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, among much else, Murphy lends a fresh new perspective to some of...

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  • JUL 27

    Jim's Glasgow Launch of his book 'The 10 Football matches that Changed the World'

    • 27 Jul 2014
    • Waterstones, Glasgow Sauchiehall Street

    Just when you thought you were going to get a break from football before the new season starts, Jim Murphy would like to invite you to the Scottish launch of his book ‘The 10 Football Matches that Changed the World and the One that Didn’t’. It’s the story of the ten most important football matches ever played. The launch and signing event will take place...

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  • JUL 22

    Victoria Panton Bacon's Launch of her Book Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer

    • 22 Jul 2014
    • Jarrold Department Store

    To celebrate her first publication, Victoria Panton Bacon would like to invite you to Jarrolds Department Store in Norwich for the launch of Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer, the memoir of her grandfather, Alastair Panton, that she stumbled upon in a garage. Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer is a vivid and lyrical memoir of life as an RAF reconnaissance pilot...

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  • JUL 11

    John Bercow at Cole's Bookshop

    • 11 Jul 2014
    • Cole's Bookshop, Bicester

    John Bercow will be at Cole’s Bookshop to sign copies of his new book Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of all Time. Best known for his role as Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, a keen tennis player and qualified coach, assesses the merits of the legends of tennis, from Fred Perry to Roger Federer, to create a list...

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  • JUN 23

    RSA - Let's Talk About Death

    • 23 Jun 2014
    • The RSA

    Most of us prefer not to think about death, which is understandable, but is it wise? Research on near-death experiences and post-traumatic growth following serious illness or trauma suggests that close encounters with death can act as spiritual catalysts, resulting in profound shifts in deeply-held views, richer relationships and deeper life satisfaction...

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