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Seat by Seat: A Political Anorak's Guide to Potential Gains and Losses in the 2015 General Election
By Iain Dale

Enjoyed The Politicos Guide to the 2015 General Election? On the hunt for election figures and predictions? Political commentator Iain Dale has compiled an unbeatable anorak's guide to potential gains and losses in the 2015 general election: Seat By Seat. This eBook-only exclusive is a must for keen politicos.

It’s The Economy, Stupid: Economics For Voters
By Vicky Pryce, Andy Ross & Peter Urwin

The economy is a pressing issue for voters, and politicians are acutely aware that it can make or break an election. In her latest book, Vicky Pryce explores how economics colours even the most mundane aspects of our daily lives. Essential reading for voters.

God and Mrs Thatcher: The Battle for Britain's Soul
By Eliza Filby

A unique examination of Thatcher's 'conviction politics', and the impact of religion on her worldview. Drawing on previously unpublished archives, interviews and memoirs, Filby explores the rise of Thatcher, the rebirth of the Christian right and the creation of a more secular society.

The NHS: Things That Need To Be Said
By Iain Dale

The NHS is an institution close to the hearts of most Britons, but is it still fit for purpose? Iain Dale identifies the issues that need to be faced head-on and suggests that there are some much needed reforms. This is a must read for anyone who works in the NHS - or who uses it. Part of Elliott & Thompson's LBC Series.

Nigel Farage in his Own Words 
Edited by Andrew Liddle

Like him or loathe him, we can all agree on one thing: Nigel Farage is not afraid of speaking his mind. Andrew Liddle has compiled Farage’s most entertaining sound bites, public utterances and bold statements into this concise volume. 


Nearly Reach the Sky: A Farewell to Upton Park
By Brian Williams

A witty, passionate and poignant tribute to the end of an era at Upton Park, as well as a meditation on the ups and downs of football fandom. Guardian journalist Brian Williams uses his unbeaten sense of humour to entertain football fans far and wide. 

"A poignant portrait of the unrequited football supporter." Jeff Powell

General Non-fiction 

Gay Shorts
By Iain Dale

A compendium of columns written exclusively for Attitude Magazine. Coming from a right of centre perspective, but not always strictly political, Dale’s writings vary from the serious to the humorous. An eBook-only exclusive.