May is behind us, and we can *tentatively* announce that Summer has begun... Here's some great new books that we've got for you in June (WARNING: Contains political facts and figures, UKIP campaign antics, £££, a secretive institution and a good deal more). Sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our new releases.

The Politicos Guide to the New House of Commons 2015:

Profiles of the New MPs and Analysis of the 2015 General Election Results 
Edited by Tim Carr, Iain Dale and Robert Waller

An all-inclusive and essential post-election document for academics, journalists, students and political enthusiasts alike in the wake of the poll-defying 2015 general election. The ideal follow-up to The Politicos Guide to the 2015 General Election

Following Farage: On the Trail of the People's Army
By Owen Bennett

Combining a diary of by-elections, conferences and campaign events with exclusive interviews, Bennett gets to the heart of what makes the People’s Army tick – and who really gives the orders. Following Farage is full of anecdotes about the party that never fails to surprise the political establishment and public alike. A timely, revealing account of the party’s journey to Westminster, based on journalist Owen Bennett’s experiences as he and the press pack followed the People’s Army, and its charismatic leader, on the election trail.

Capitalism: Money, Morals and Markets
By John Plender

Award-winning financial journalist John Plender turns his attention to the paradoxical aspects of capitalism in this critical exploration. Tackling the subject from a variety of perspectives (not just an economist's), this comprehensive book pushes us all to consider the debate surrounding a deep-rooted system which could be under threat.  

By Royal Appointment: Tales from the Privy Council - the Unknown Arm of Government 
By David Rogers

By Royal Appointment explores the history of one of England’s oldest and most secretive institutions - the Privy Council. Stretching as far back as King Cnut’s reign, right through the Middle Ages, and up to its modern embodiment and functions, Rogers reveals how the institution’s reach has spread to every area of parliamentary and public life.  

Thank You for this Moment: A Story of Love, Power and Betrayal
By Valérie Trierweiler

After the highly publicised breakdown of Valérie Trierweiler’s relationship with French President François Hollande, this unapologetic and unadulterated account made headlines on both sides of the Channel in 2014. The No 1 international bestseller returns in paperback to inform, intrigue and shock. 

Strange Intelligence: Memoirs of Naval Secret Service
By Hector Bywater and H. C. Ferraby

Strange Intelligence sheds light on the thrilling story of Hector Bywater, perhaps the British secret service’s finest agent operating in Germany before the First World War. In a world embroiled in espionage and suspense, find out how Bywater and his fellow agents deceived the enemy in order to gather vital intelligence on the German Navy. (Part of the Dialogue Espionage Classics series)

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