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In April 2019, Lord Ashcroft published the results of his year-long investigation into South Africa’s captive-bred lion industry. Over eleven pages of a single edition of the Mail on Sunday, he showed why this sickening trade, which involves appalling cruelty to the ‘King of the Savannah’ from birth to death, has become a stain on the country.

Unfair Game features the shocking results of a new inquiry Lord Ashcroft has carried out into South Africa’s lion business. In this powerful exposé, he shows how tourists are unwittingly being used to support the abuse of lions; he details how lions are being tranquillised and then hunted in enclosed spaces; he urges the British government to ban imports of captive-bred lion trophies; and he demonstrates why Asia’s insatiable appetite for lion bones has become a multi-million-dollar business linked to criminality and corruption which now underpins South Africa’s captive lion industry.



"Things need to change, and Unfair Game will surely be an important part of the ongoing debate."

Adam Hunt, The Critic

"Humans everywhere share an extraordinary natural heritage. It is therefore the responsibility of everybody to care for it. It is also our responsibility to hand over the baton to the next generation with South Africa’s captive-bred lion industry consigned firmly and permanently to the dustbin of history. I hope sincerely that this book will go a long way towards helping to do just that."



Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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