September is packed with fantastic new releases from Biteback Publishing. We proudly introduce: the new British Leaders series – a set of beautiful books to complement any bookshelf; Paul Gambaccini’s eagerly anticipated memoir Love, Paul Gambaccini; Norman Baker’s compelling and revelatory insider account of the coalition – and plenty more to keep you entertained and informed as the nights begin to get a little longer…

The British Leaders Series

Edited by Tim Bale, Duncan Brack, Charles Clarke, Patrick Diamond, Robert Ingham, Toby S. James & Tony Little








These comprehensive and enlightening books are vital contributions to the study of party leadership and the understanding of British political history. The series considers the attributes and achievements of leaders from the three most historic parties in British politics, offering a compelling analytical framework by which they may be judged, detailed personal biographies from some of the country's foremost political critics, and exclusive interviews with former leaders themselves. An essential collection for anyone interested in the history of this nation’s politics.


Breaking the Code

By Gyles Brandreth

Newly updated with a wealth of extra material, this new paperback edition of Gyles Brandreth’s modern political classic unflinchingly reveals the secret and intricate workings of the government Whips’ Office. Brandreth’s charming, hilarious and at times touching account paints an extraordinary portrait of the Whitehall and Westminster of the past thirty years.




Love, Paul Gambaccini

By Paul Gambaccini

Arrested in the dead of night in October 2013, Paul Gambaccini endured twelve horrific months of slander, gossip and witch-hunting, having been falsely accused of sexual abuse as part of Operation Yewtree. Now, in his resolute and personal account of that time, Gambaccini exposes the hard-fought battle for the justice he deserved.  





Pay Me Forty Quid and I’ll Tell You

By Michael Ashcroft and Kevin Culwick

Discover what was really going on behind the polling numbers for the 2015 general election. Reports from Lord Ashcroft Polls, collected here for the first time, are packed with funny and insightful observations from voters, and reveal what the public truly thought during all the steps in the race to Downing Street.





How to Be a Parliamentary Researcher

By Robert Dale

While rumours abound of them being glorified bag-carriers and sackable by Post-it note, parliamentary researchers are a keystone in the day-to-day operations of British politics. In this compelling insight, Robert Dale combines practical advice with acute personal observations – the result is a must-have for aspiring politicians looking to make their first step on the ladder, and a fascinating read for anyone else interested in what happens behind the scenes of our political system.



Project Fear

By Joe Pike

A groundbreaking account of Scottish politics over the past twelve months. Project Fear – taking its name from the term used to refer to the Better Together organisation and the No vote campaign in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum – examines Scotland’s astounding political landscape, from the referendum itself, through its dramatic aftermath, and on to the astonishing rise of the SNP in the 2015 general election.



Against the Grain

By Norman Baker

In this enthralling memoir, one-of-a-kind former Lib Dem MP Norman Baker lifts the lid on the coalition, Department for Transport, Home Office and the scandals and conflicts of Westminster during his illustrious career.