Black Friday is finally upon us and we’re celebrating the oncoming festive season by offering 50% off all our books this weekend!

From 27-30th November, you can browse and shop to your heart’s content, with free postage and packaging on orders above £30.

And if the sheer number of books on display has you confused about what to go for first, we’ve curated a list of our latest releases that are sure to make great stocking fillers- or winter reading!

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On politics

The Secret Life of Special Advisers, by Peter Cardwell

In a nutshell: a hilarious, eye-opening look at a life spent advising ministers as a Special Adviser, or SpAd. Expect party conference disasters, job instability and Boris Johnson hiding from Iain Duncan Smith.

Only £10: get it here.

John Bercow: Call to Order

In a nutshell: if you’ve ever wanted to know what made John Bercow into the man he is today, look no further. This biography examines the highs and lows of Bercow’s career- from the infamous Monday Club to his legacy as Speaker.

Only £10: get it here.

Going for Broke, by Michael Ashcroft

In a nutshell: Rishi Sunak is so new to politics that nobody has written a biography of him- until now. Michael Ashcroft takes a look at one of the youngest Chancellors we’ve ever had, and asks what has made him so successful.

Only £10: get it here.

Beyond the Red Wall, by Deborah Mattinson

In a nutshell: seasoned pollster Deborah Mattinson heads north to the Red Wall to find out why it turned blue in the last general election.

Only £8.50: get it here.

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, by Jonny Oates

In a nutshell: how can you change the world? Jonny Oates has been doing it all his life- from boarding a plane to Addis Ababa aged 15 to becoming Nick Clegg’s Chief of Staff. It’s a candid and fascinating look at a life beyond politics.

Only £10: get it here.


On feminism

Exceeding My Brief, by Barbara Hosking

In a nutshell: Barbara Hosking has lived a colourful life, serving two Prime Ministers, working at a copper mine in the African bush and coming out in her nineties. This is the fascinating story of her life.

Only £5: get it here.

Diane Abbott, by Robin Bunce and Samara Linton

In a nutshell: Diane Abbott has been breaking records since she first set foot in the Houses of Parliament. Thirty years later, this book looks at her remarkable life- and legacy.

Only £10: get it here.

Ladies Who Punch, by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

In a nutshell: a witty, far-reaching compendium of ladies who have changed society for the better. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown takes the reins to introduce us to some names we know- and some that should be better remembered.

Only £8.50: get it here.


On the royal family

The Last Queen, by Clive Irving

In a nutshell: the royal family has weathered its fair share of media scandals. Seasoned journalist Clive Irving explains the pact that the Queen has made with the UK’s newspapers- and why she might in fact be the last queen of the United Kingdom.

Only £10: get it here.

Royalty Revealed, by Brian Hoey

In a nutshell: ever wondered how to tip a royal servant? Or what Prince Charles takes with him on holiday (answer: his own toilet seat). This neat little collection of royal facts is perfect for slipping into a pocket and entertaining on the go!

Only £5: get it here.

Kensington Palace, by Tom Quinn

In a nutshell: Kensington Palace has been a mainstay of royal life ever since it was built in the 1700s. Find out about the colourful characters who have lived there- from George III right through to Diana and Meghan.

Only £10: get it here.


On sports

Sacré Bleu, by Matt Spiro

In a nutshell: from winning the World Cup in 1998 to suffering years of divisions and acrimony, the French national football team has had its share of highs and lows. Find out how they triumphed to lift the trophy again in 2018, thanks to skilled player Kylian Mbappé.

Only £9.50: get it here.

When Footballers Were Skint, by Jon Henderson

In a nutshell: ever longed for the days when football was more homespun and your average footballer earned less than a plumber? Jon Henderson resurrects the glory days of the beautiful game in this tribute to days gone by.

Only £5: get it here.

Bloody Southerners, by Spencer Vignes

In a nutshell: Often outrageous and always compelling, Peter Taylor and Brian Clough’s partnership shook the very foundations of the footballing world. Find out how from the players who were there.

Only £6.50: get it here.


On history

Ernest Bevin, by Andrew Adonis

In a nutshell: a Labour great, whose talent for getting results saw him compared to Churchill, has mostly been forgotten. How? Andrew Adonis seeks to right the scales, giving a detailed and fascinating look at a man whose impact on history is far-reaching and surprising.

Only £10: get it here.

The Secrets of Station X, by Michael Smith

In a nutshell: the astonishing story of how the British codebreakers of Bletchley Park cracked the Nazi Enigma cyphers, cutting an estimated two years off the Second World War, never ceases to amaze.

Only £5: get it here.

Shackleton's Heroes, by Wilson McOrist

In a nutshell: a gripping account of the men who ensured that Ernest Shackleton's fabled Trans-Antarctic Expedition succeeded.

Only £5: get it here.